LIFEbeat mobilizes the music and entertainment industry to provide the resources and support needed to take control of your sexual health.

We're updating safe sex to reflect modern challenges: gender issues, sexuality awareness, conversations about consent and the rising rates of STIs, especially among those under 29.

On the ground at major tours and festivals, and within broadcast, digital, social and print campaigns, we engage at-risk youths about safe sex and the services that support them regardless of status, gender or sexuality.

Your sexual safety is important. Let's take control of it.

Our Impact

In person and over digital media media, LIFEbeat connects tens of thousands of at-risk youths with community organizers across the country about staying safe and educated.


What's at Stake

One in two sexually active people will contract an STI before they turn 25. This group accounts for more than 50% of the nearly 20 million STIs contracted annually, yet only one in ten will be tested for an STI. They have low rates of condom use, and high rates of substance use and number of sexual partners.

Your involvement -- as a donor, volunteer, artist, partner or individual who's been engaged by LIFEbeat in any way -- directly contributes to reaching at-risk youths with lifesaving prevention and support resources in communities across North America.


We're here to give you all you need to stay safe and feel supported.



In Memoriam

Bob Caviano, Founder (1950-1992)
Mel Cheren (1933-2007)

Gary Dell’AbateBoard President
“I lost a brother to AIDS in 1991. I knew right then I would become active in the fight against AIDS. Working with Lifebeat has been an incredibly rewarding experience. Our work has a great impact and it helps me to keep my brother’s memory alive.”

Daniel Glass, Founding Board President
“I am proud to have co-founded Lifebeat with Bob Caviano. Bob called me shortly after he was diagnosed with HIV to tell me of the lack of treatment, advice, knowledge and comfort that he received. There was nowhere to turn in the music industry, so we created Lifebeat to help open a dialogue and break down the doors of ignorance and lack of compassion.”


Donna Futterman, M.D., Secretary
Burton Goldstein, Treasurer
Tim Rosta, Founding Exec. Director
Chanel Cathey
Tracy Cloherty

Eddie Dean
Sandra ‘Pepa’ Denton
Josh Fromson
Ali Harnell
Stephen Hill

Sonia Muckle
Robert J. Reicher, Esq.
Mitch Slater
Van Toffler
Ross Zapin



Brett Spigelman
Managing Director



In 1992, the music industry had not yet addressed the AIDS crisis with a unified voice, although many of its members had succumbed to the disease. Bob Caviano, a respected music manager, wrote a moving editorial in Billboard magazine disclosing his illness and challenging the industry to take action.  A number of high-level executives heeded his call and formed LIFEbeat.

Over the years, LIFEbeat has emerged as a leading advocate for prevention efforts directed at youth.  Recognizing that music has always played a significant role in the lives of young people, LIFEbeat has carved out a unique niche by effectively using the power of music to reach this population.  

LIFEbeat strives to cultivate a strong sense of self-worth and self- respect in youth to help them resist negative influences that may lead to engagement in risky behaviors. LIFEbeat relies on a small but dedicated staff and an active Board of Directors to carry out our mission, as well as a wonderful group of volunteers and a network of national AIDS service organizations to educate young people through our outreach efforts.